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My tools are all over the board. Many of them are big name ones because I made my living using them, so could justify it (dependability, tax breaks, future hobby investment ;) ). Now that I'm tired-over-again, I'm glad I have a well equipped hobby shop.

While many of my tools have top shelf names tied to them, many do not. For example, I have a couple hundred clamps. Other than about ten Bessy's, all of the F clamps are Harbor Freight. I prize them for their performance over the years [and only shed a tiny tear when one does fail].

On the higher end tool thing, I didn't own a Festool until they had their $100.00 promotion. I was one of those who lucked out and got in early. That is, I jumped on the deal, because there is no such thing as a $100.00 Festool, of any kind.

I liked the performance so much I cried AND hit the purchase button on a Rotex. This will be the only Festools I own. Not because I'm unhappy with them, but because they are so expensive.

Meanwhile, I am thankful for reviews that compare tools. For example, what sold me on the Rotex and its less expensive brother was, dust collection and the longevity of the sand disks. Others have posted information about, for example, 3-M Cubitron discs that trump even the Festool disks. Or there is the four hundred dollar cheaper Bosch [than the Rotex] orbital sander said, by some, to have comparable dust collection.

That Bosch dust collection may be even better with the Cubitron discs.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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