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HI there Forum members

This is just a short one that I thought might be of some interest.

As you know when UK Sky and US infinity started there was a plethora of woodworking shows to choose from. My favourite at the time was New Yankee Workshop and This Old House. Alas in the UK all that has ceased.

Now it’s bake a cake or change a transmission etc. as for the US it’s these two brothers upgrading houses, god I can’t stand them. They wear all the gear and never will you see a spec of dirt on their designer workwear or a hair out of place, anyway I I diverse.

Luckily U Tube is now available on my TV and I just watch the amazing amount of woodworking shows which are very well edited and in 4K.

Which brings me to the point of this post, well it doesn’t I just got side tracked. As many of you will be aware many tools that we drool over are way way out of a poor retired plumbers reach. Take Festool, how many guys and gals could afford a Domino or track saw, not me. Now I don’t have a cheap scource for these items, but I have just started to watch a U Tube Chanel called Hooked on Wood and he tests out various woodworking tools. But he has a series dedicated to precision marking and cutting instruments called China Tools. I believe he is on episode 30 and the quality is unbelievable and the prices are even more unbelievable. I have included a snapshot of a mitre fence, plus he gives you costings and where to buy said goods.

Well that’s it definitely worth a watch.

Colin somewhere in Scotland Festooless
Being retired also, I can't afford those high dollar tools. My workbench is a knock off/modified/inspired by Ron Paulk with 3/4 inch dog holes and not 20mm. My clamps are cheep from Harbor Freight that me and a buddy modified. But hey, they work and the bench is great. It has been used for a lot of projects.


1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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