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Hi Forum members.

This is just a short one, no pun intended, which relates to the gifts nature bestows upon one’s body as they drift into the clutches of retirement, at which point your mind attempts to kill you by informing you that you are still a youthful twenty five year old and that the three foot garden fence can be cleared with ease, while your body attempts remind you that you have one foot in the grave.

My eyesight was 20-20 up to about 45-50 years at which point I had difficulty in focusing on near objects . Fought it for about five years then admitted defeat. My long sight has never changed but close up work is so frustrating.

I never buy expensive spectacles as they only last about a week. I lose or sit or stand on them. I just buy a bucket of cheap ones and spread them about my domain.

The reason I am writing this post is I found out that when I am doing anything outdoors my eyesight improves immeasurably, I find myself taking tools and items outside the workshop just to get a better look. Good light definitely helps.

With this in mind I headed down to our B&Q (Home Depot) and purchased the cheapest LED flood light I could find £8. And proceeded to install it on my bandsaw. I have posted the install of the light quite a while ago. It was Instant gratification. The LED is daylight, not warm light.

As you will see from the photos every machine now had an identical light focused on the cutting edge. I made sure each light was wired directly into the relative on/off switch. I certainly did not want to have to operate the light independently. Most of my machines are 3 phase which is not the problem you would first envisage; you just connect to any one of the three 240v live (hot) and the other on to the neutral. I did have a few problems as a couple of my 3 phase machines did not have a neutral, only live and earth. Had to prewire a neutral to each machine. You can’t use the earth as it would trip your RCD.

The only down side to the light was the extremely short cable. First thing I did was open it up and I did not want to desolder the circuit board so cut the wires, soldered and heat shrink sleeves and longer cable installed.

That light is going on my 12-inch sander and that’s it.

Why the post, well I can’t believe how it has helped my vision when operating the machines. And when like me you are cutting dove tails to ten thousand of a millimetre or nearest half inch which ever I hit first it matters. And it might help a few members who have succumbed as I have done. And it’s a cheap fix.


Somewhere short-sighted in Scotland


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