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Hello, my name is Jim, I am a new member. I have been a serious hobby woodworker for 28 years and I would like to purchase a cnc router to expand my hobby. My main concern at this time is making acoustic guitar parts and guitar building jigs. There will be other considerations at a later time. I need as much information on machines and software as possible. I am considering the Stinger II 3x4 because it will fit in my shop and I believe it will handle all my needs for the future. I would appreciate as much advice as I can get. Thank You.
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Hi Jim and welcome. We have quite a few CNC knowledgeable members here but they don't always read the introductions so it would be better to start another thread in the CNC sub forum asking those questions.

When you get a few minutes why not change N/a to Jim on your personal profile.
Welcome to the forum Jim . There’s members here that do just that,and will be happy to help.
Now that you’ve introduced yourself, I’d post your question in the cnc thread.

Jim, it may not hurt to update your profile , put your first name in and a location. Knowing your approx location may help with options shipping wise
Welcome aboard.
Welcome to the forum, Jim! Yep, better to put your name in the profile along with your location.

You've piqued my interest with the acoustic guitar mention - that's why I build our CNC. I wanted to be able to cut better and more accurate forms, fixtures, templates, etc. I'm on my first guitar and have used the CNC to cut the bridge (go to my YouTube channel and look for the video on making a guitar bridge) but I had already built most of my forms and fixtures by the time I built the CNC. These I'll probably make again at some point. If you're interested in looking at the build for our CNC it is posted here on the forum - 2nd Build first.

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Hello and welcome to the router forum,Jim
Welcome to the forum, Jim.
Welcome to the forum Jim.
Welcome aboard Jim,
I use a stinger 2 x 3 at work. Ours is an older model but it does what we need.
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