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thanks guys,
this is new work still embodies my life long theme of discovering inner beauty. (not to get too heavy here, but I do think since we only go around once, I might as well include some passionate theme in my work)
you can check out more at

my eductational website

In any event, the exterior is redwood burl which was a challenge to book match the cube. You'll have to think about it but since it is 6 sides, I had to match three corners which typically you need even numbered leaves to do, this odd number doesn't work with typical matching. corner A meets A, the opposite two sides meet side B to and B, leaving two two A edges to meet. can't match A to a B, clear as mud?
moving on. the pyrite sphere and a magnet on its bottom which is the only way to open the door, and you have to know exactly where to place it. the door has a magnet hidden in it behind the veneer.

The interior is variegated metal leaf.
AND - note the curved leg structure elements are not at 45 degree intersection. I think the technical term is pain in the ass joinery.
The leafing process I'll be posting on my youtube channel too under imaginegrove.
thanks again. love this forum.
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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