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Portable Router-Jigsaw Table

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I looked around and this seemed like the most appropriate place to post this.

One of my next projects in the shop is going to be a sabresaw table, or, as they're usually called, a jigsaw. So, rather than inventing the wheel, been looking on-line to see if there were any ideas I could 'borrow'. Ran across this neat little thingie. Not quire sure if it's shopmade, or bought, but looks simple enough to make.

Ran across this video too. Very inspiring. Who knows, with a setup like this might be able to do without a scroll saw, band saw. and table saw. Wow.
Actually, I'd keep my table saw, somewhere I've got a nice sanding disc made for use with a table saw.

By the way, I love youtube.
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Hirsch made a small Workmate style table that would mount a circular saw, jigsaw or router.
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