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Portable Router-Jigsaw Table

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I looked around and this seemed like the most appropriate place to post this.

One of my next projects in the shop is going to be a sabresaw table, or, as they're usually called, a jigsaw. So, rather than inventing the wheel, been looking on-line to see if there were any ideas I could 'borrow'. Ran across this neat little thingie. Not quire sure if it's shopmade, or bought, but looks simple enough to make.

Ran across this video too. Very inspiring. Who knows, with a setup like this might be able to do without a scroll saw, band saw. and table saw. Wow.
Actually, I'd keep my table saw, somewhere I've got a nice sanding disc made for use with a table saw.

By the way, I love youtube.
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Do you remember my thread on my "Jobsite Router Table Plus"?
Offhand, no, I don't remember it. But I see I am subscribed to it, so I must have read it at one time or another. Anything over 5 days tho, pffft. :no:

Very slick looking setup. Yes, photos would be nice. Thanks.
That's slick. Larger than I need tho. My top will be about 9-11" wide and about 32-3" long. The saw will have the blade maybe 6",8",10" from the end, more or less. The top will be on legs, which will be mouned on a base, which will go on top of my tool post. The bases fit into a gap on the back of the top, and if they move, I have a hole drilled in the front so they stay in place - now tho I believe I'll just use a C clamp.
First picture is the stand, and the bottom of one drill press.
Second picture is the top of the drill press.
Third picture is a poor shot of my vise mounted.
Fourth shot is my portaband saw on the stand I made for it, and mounted.
Fifth shot is the portaband saw and the 'saw table' I made for it, and it's secondary function - coffee table.

It only takes a couple of seconds to swap tops, and I also have a pounderonner top, which is about four layers of plywood glued together, and I pound on things on it. When I'm not using the tool stand/post, I can move it out of the way, or even hang it up. It's hollow, so not very heavy, all made from scraps. And one of the handier tools in my shop.


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I'm going to just mount the saw under the top, permanently. If I changed plans on it now, it'd just add time, so I'll just go with it.

The portaband throat is 6-8", I think. It's meant as a metal cutting bandsaw, so really doesn't need to be larger. Works quite nicely too.
Very clever idea. I always like to see new ways to set up and use existing tools. Don't know about that "index finger push stick" though. :stop:
If you're talking about the second video, I'd personally prefer a wooden pushblock, but you could get by as he did, IF you are careful. But, besides the safety reason, it would be easier on the fingers using a pushblock.
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