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I have not seen any modern full size routers with a tilt base. I have an idea why this is but no proof. I did a quick sketch to show what I think this issue is. In the first sketch we have router with 6" sub base, a 1/2" bit with 1" of cutter exposed. The wood is 3/4" for reference.

The second sketch show what the router would look like if tilted 30 deg. The third one show the bit now exposed 2".... When you get much over the 30 deg angle the bits would just not be long enough and even at 30 deg you are talking a very long bit with an over all length in excess of 3" to make the cut shown.

Trim routers have a smaller base but are also limited to 1/4" bits.... a lot of limitations to how this could be done.

Now having said that maybe if you explain what you are trying to do we might come up with a few new ideas for you??????



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