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Hi. First post

I have a PC 7518 in a table I built about 20 years ago. Router is as old as the table. It has been sitting for a few years, maybe 5 or so. Finally built my shop and moved all my tools into it.

Well, I fired up the router and noticed it was slow. Thought it was odd because it worked fine 5 years ago.
I chucked a cheap bit in it just to show my 12 yo how it works.
Pfff. Not so good.
With a 3/8" RO bit it was turning really slow, I tried to toggle the VS switch but the RPM didn't change.
So I tried to route a scrap piece of PT pine. It just bogged down.

So I read in here a couple topics on the 7518. Didn't really like what I read. I don't have ton of money for new tools, and trying to save for a DC to keep the shop somewhat clean.

So expecting the worse case , I pulled the top off of the router.

It appears that the plastic slide has a broken tab and would not engage the actual slide switch to change speeds.

So , with a small screwdriver I clicked the switch to a couple positions and it did work to change the rpms .

I did not test it under load though.

Now I'm wondering if there is an actual power issue with it.

I will test it under load tomorrow.

Only thing is it didn't feel right (it was in the 10,000 rpm range before on that small piece of scrap, but didn't seem like it had any power and I could almost make the bit come to a stop.

If I'm using a large panel raising bit on a low rpm, I feel it will just come to a complete stop.

Idk, will test it tomorrow.

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Seems Herb has the plan..
you may need to bypass the internal controller to allow an external speed controller to work...
perhaps one of these diagrams will help...



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I agree with Paul that brushes are a possibility. They can account for low power. Also does it sound like it's laboring? If it is then bearings are a possibility too. They don't like sitting for years.
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