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Porter Cable Combo Pack

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I drove up to Grizzly in Bellingham on Monday and picked up the 3 base combo kit. The price is $60 off until the end of December.
So far, I am very excited with this purchase. -Derek
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What is the PC model number of this kit?
Hi Mike

Just a butt in post :)

see snapshot below

Merry Christmas
Bj :)

This is a great deal Derek, it's so good I got one also you can have to many routers, the D-Base is a 40.oo to 60.oo item.
Plus I needed to order a new bit :) anyway.

Item Number Qty Ordered Description Price Ext. Price
H8801 1 3-Base Combo 1 3/4HP Router $169.95 $169.95
C1682 1 Adj. Finger Joint Bit w/ Bearing Guide, 1/2" Shank $69.95 $69.95

Sub Total: $239.90
Shipping: $16.70
Total: $256.60

finger bit
HowToUseTheBit PDF file below

The 2nd.snapshot below is a quick bit clamp jig so you can remove the bearing or the cutters from the router bit without damaging the router bit shank.

Thanks Bj :)


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Thanks Bob for supporting my posting. I always enjoy going up to Grizzly in Bellingham. It's only about 65 to 70 miles away. If anyone gets the opportunity to visit a Grizzly showroom, it is an experience you will not forget. One of the best things about their showroom is that they have the entire catalog in stock. -Derek
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