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I'm new to the Forum but have a question about alignment of the P-C dovetail jig. Years ago I had a Sears dovetail jig and although I didn't use it a lot, I was able to make several nice drawers with dovetails. I got back into woodworking since I recently retired and decided to upgrade from the old Craftsman, which was missing a few pieces anyway.
So, I bought a P-C 4216. I read the instructions carefully, but continue to have problems that aren't discussed in the manual. Here's what I did to cut half-blind dovetails:

Carefully planed all the boards to the same thickness
I jointed one edge and then ripped the boards
Used my crosscut sled and measured carefully to make sure all angles were 90 degrees
Aligned the boards so that they are square with each other when I put them in the jig.
Used same thickness boards on the right side of jig to keep template even across the jig.

After several uses, and still not getting things right, I took it back and got a replacement from P-C. I set it up and still I get the offset. I'm at a loss to figure out how to correct it. (These photos are before adjusting the new jig for depth of cut, etc.) It's the offset top to bottom of the drawer that has me buffaloed.

Any suggestions?
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