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Porter Cable

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Hey, I was recently in Sears looking for a 557 plate jointer, and the salesman told me some disturbing news. They don't carry the 557 anymore, so he wasn't trying to get me to make a rush decision or anything (and he HIGHLY recommended it). He used to sell power tools at a local lumbar yard, and from talking to him, I could tell he knows his stuff (unlike your usual college kid salesman). That being said- He told me PC was recently bought out by Black and Decker (or another such company, don't remember), and that if I was looking to get one, I should get it soon. The new owners said they were going to keep PC the same for now, they don't plan on changing things. Kind of like what happened to DeWalt, eh?

Has anyone else heard this? I would like to get one before it begins being made in Chiwan. :confused:
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It's true. The industrial supply company I work for just had meetings with representatives last month.
B&D if I recall right now has Delta, Porter Cable and De Villbill......

When B&D bought out the Pentair group which owned Delta, PC, Oldham etc. the word was the product lines would remain intact and seperate. Of course when GM bought Hummer from American General they said the same thing. You can still buy a Hummer or the hybrid cross Hummer II. Hopefully we will see the same benefits from B&D.
Who's the Mamma Company of DeWalt - B&D isn't it? ....Bob
Yes Bob, B&D bought out DeWalt years ago.
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