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Posting in the Classifieds - Please Read before posting

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The Classifieds section is provided as a service for use by members of

You must have accumulated 10 interactive posts and have been registered more than 10 days before you can post in the classifieds.
When conducting business with other forum members please keep your questions/transactions within the Classifieds Section, or by the use of email and Private Messages.

When listing an item for sale, the following information is required:
PHOTOS are mandatory of the actual item for sale, not a representative photo found online.
no links directing members to items listed on sources such as Ebay, FaceBook, Twitter, etc.
exact description of the item, as the best you can describe it
what part of the world is the item located
price of the item
method of payment (is to be discussed with email or private messaging)
who is responsible for shipping charges
shipping is to be considered before posting: IF it can be shipped, please research the packaging requirements before posting.
use common sense when buying or selling anything online to anyone. does NOT get involved in any transactions whatsoever. (for any reason). will in no way be held responsible for any part of these transactions. The forum will be held harmless
if anything goes awry in the transaction, it is strictly up to the buyer and seller to try to reach a mutual resolution.

Non-CNC, Router or woodworking items are not allowed to be posted in the classifieds section.
Please list only items directly related to the purpose of this forum.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Classifieds Listings will be monitored and any posts not within the requirements will be removed.
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