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Power Jointer User Technique

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When feeding timber through the infeed table over the cutter block and onto the outfeed table.

When tail of timber has passed over the cutter block. There are chips left on the infeed table, if I place timber on top of these and feed through again. Then I'm thinking the chips might interfere with the quality of the cut. I had thought of brushing the chips off the table with a hand held dustpan brush.........
......Then thought..... that would be a big NO, NO, as if jointing thick stock would be a large gap under guard and the brush bristles could get caught in the cutter block dragging the hand, fingers into block.

Is the correct thing to do, after each pass, switch off machine, make sure block has stopped, brush off any chips, replace timber on infeed and continue repeating same procedure several times?
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If I had a jointer in my shop, I'd use my air compressor and blow the chips off.
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I just brush off the area well away from the knives and fence, set the board down, and push the chips and all toward the knives. Never had a problem doing that.

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Agree with David, don't place the board on the chips, but push the chips towards the cutter. I've done it this way for ever and never had a problem.
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Same here. just clear enough to set the board on the table. It will push the remaining chips in front of it.
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Just don't set the board on top of the chips, that is asking for problems.

I have been fortunate to have had only one minor accident while using woodworking machines. Your question is exactly about what happened to me. I was jointing a board and not thinking straight I used my fingers to brush off the chips. I was so lucky, as my fingers passed over the blade I felt something and when I looked at my hand I realised what I had just done. My luck was used and someone must have been watching over me for all I had was ONE layer of skin on the tip of one finger missing. It did not even draw blood. I looked up and said thank you. Since then I keep a brush near the jointer and use it and not my fingers. I still stay away from the blades. Note that my signature in my profile states to respect the tools and I do, but a moment of a lack of concentration is all it takes for the tool to ''bite'' you

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