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I've no experience with rail and stile bits so can only go by what my friend told me. He has the complete Oakpark setup... table, fence, bit, etc. According to him, there is no setup for it as far as depth, install the bit, install the fence into the locating holes, tighten it down and make doors. The Freud set that Mike mentioned was used with a homemade fence, on the Oakpark table, and makes great doors. I suggested that he try the bit with his fence and see what happens. Not sure if he's had the time to do that or not.

The thing that he is really confused by is the fact that when he first got it, it worked great. He showed me several (10-12?) that he made for storage cabinets in his garage when he first got it and was practicing. They all fit together perfectly. Then, with no setup changes, it started having this gap.

1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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