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I have one that I got from Eagle America. Have had it for awhile now and only used it to make the doors on the cabinet shown below. It is also a one piece but if I remember right
it has a bearing in the center as well. It worked fairly well. I made this piece almost 20 years ago and was the first piece of furniture I did. Still in the living room and holding up. As you can see, I made the classic mistake when I made the doors in not not compensating for the inset of the rail and stile so the doors ended up a little short, hence the filler strip on each side :) They also have shrunk a little bit over time.. never used to be a gap back then in the center. Momma was happy though! I think I used this piece as an excuse to buy about 5 new tools :)


1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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