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Problem with Rabbet

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I'm having an issue cutting a rabbet. The directions call for 1/4" x 1/4" rabbet. I thought I should choose something smaller and went with 1/8" x 1/8". But you can see from the picture there was chip out. I'm making six pieces and half had this issue. The stock is just construction grade pine. I used a push block to hold the stock while cutting. The oversize of the stock 2.5" x 3/4". Would using hardwood solve this issue? What else might I try? Because the sections are round I understand part of the routing is climb cutting. Thanks for reading.

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Would using hardwood solve this issue?
Very likely; tighter grain, harder wood.
Hardwood, fine grain wouldn't do this. Also be sure you're using the right speed for the cutters you use, and that they were
My first thought was, trying to make a too deep of a pass at a time and too large of a cut with each pass. Did you make multiple light passes each time to sneak up to the depth and width. With this what I would of done, First make the out pass the depth I wanted, but only at about a 1/8" width cut (this would clarify my the final depth). Then make each pass at about 1/8" in depth and width, till I snuck up to the cut I wanted. A router bit that's not sharp can cause tear out, same as the wrong speed for the bit.

Plus, this is end grain tear out. Which has a higher chance for tear out. So, maybe do the end grain area first sneaking up the depth and width. Then reset the cutting depth and finish the rest of the rabbit. Many ways to attack this. Another way is to use a wood lathe, with freshly sharpened turning tools.
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