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I have a Ryobi R161 (not a plunge router) with RT101 router table. I have used it half a dozen times in accordance with the operating manuals.

The depth adjusting ring has became completely immovable. Clamping lever does move, but adjustment not possible. Is there anything I can do, or am I just our of luck because this is a little inexpensive router, out of warranty? It has done every small job I needed, and is in almost new condition.

I thought maybe I should post to existing R161 thread, but could not find how to do that.

All help appreciated!

Thank you!
Hi - Welcome to the forum:)
Just as well you started a new thread, tagging onto an old one sometimes gets confusing, at least to me.

From the looks of the parts explode, that router is very similar to some of the old Craftsman routers and I think James is right on.

I inherited one of the old Craftsman routers from my Dad that was jammed up like that, except that it had sat long enough most all the junk in there was petrified. You can try blowing it out but I needed some, several, applications of WD-40 to soften things up and a lot of time working the plastic adjuster around to free it up. Some automotive brake cleaner may help flush things out also. Advantage of brake cleaner is it doesn't leave a residue so I would recommend using it to flush out any WD-40 or other solvents you may have used. One caution with brake cleaner is that some of them will attack plastic which will give you bigger headaches.
Good Luck :)
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