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Probotix V90 Fireball CNC

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Hello All,
I have had for some time, a Probotix V90 Fireball CNC, that I bought second hand. The hard drive on the computer that came with the Cnc failed and I lost everything. Anyways now I'm trying to get it going. I have the serial number and what I think is the License information. Probotix doesn't support these machines anymore and have directed me to their wiki where they said I could find my serial number and license information so I could then get the planetcnc software and get it going again. I did not find my serial number so I will contact them again for any other lead on the serial number info I need. I'm going to try planetcnc also and try to get a license to get it working. I understand there are V90 fireball users/owners here and would appreciate some help with figuring this out. Thank you
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Welcome to the forum. I’m sure someone will be along to offer advice.
Probotix shipped the Fireball routers with a licensed copy of Mach 3. You can check with Newfangled Solutions to see if they have a record of your license. If not, you will have to purchase a new one. Check at Newfangled Solutions Mach3. Good luck! Sam
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G'day Sam, welcome to the forum.
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