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Project drawing table.

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I know many people use sketch up to draw their projects. I still do mine the old fashioned way. Drawing them. I needed a table to do just that. I had some damaged and spare wood in my small shop. I did have to buy the top. I had planned on having the top even with the outside of the legs all the way around. I found out that would not work with the braces for the legs. Reason being when installing the braces I would crack the legs witht he screws. I moved them in which really made it better for putting the bottom on. It also gave me a place for a pencil holder on the front. I am still looking for a hinge to raise the top with and hold it in position. With the slanted front hinges are hard to find I thnk.

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Jigman, You have inspired me to make my own table. I too like to manually draw out my plans and now I have a great example of how it could look. Thanks.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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