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Pulled the trigger on my 2nd router

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After much research and hopefully careful reasoning, I just pulled the trigger on ordering my 2nd router. Being that my first router was the DW618PK a few months ago, and I having been very pleased with it and even ordered seperately as an after thought, the "D" handle base for it, I ordered a 2nd DW618 with the fixed base only this time.

My reasoning being.... (1) I have all 3 base/handles and accessories for the DW618 already on hand. (2) My new Rockler router table was ordered to fit the DW618 with one of the 2 fixed bases I will have. (3) This will allow me to have one permanently mounted in the table and the other for portable use with all accessories.

Did I miss anything or make an unwise decision? I know this is only a 2 1/4 hp router, but I believe it will fill my needs fully for the way I will work and the projects I will be involved with. The router has excellent ratings everywhere and I just felt it would make the best use of my existing investment by staying with the same model. Looking back, my only wish would have been to order the 3 base 618 kit to start with and saved myself a few bucks. Also I would have never purchased the Wolfcraft table, but would have held out for a higher quality table to start, not that it has been all that bad, but there are better options out there knowing what I know now.

I am beginning to see that the router is fast becoming the most useful power tool in my shop. It is nice to know that dado blades and dovetailing can even be avoided on the table saw with proper routing techniques. I am finding more and more uses for the router everyday and feel it is a safer and more desireable alternative for many shop activities as far as I am concerned. I can hardly wait for my new table to arrive and begin assembly on what will become the new "router center" in my shop.

I know I have asked many questions from time to time and received a lot of good advice and help on this forum form several good folks and appreciate the excellent input. It all eventually comes down to what works for each individual on their level and skill. The knowledge shared here sure helps each of us arrive at a more informed final decision.

Thanks to all who have been so helpful and kind.
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I think you did just fine! I have several PC's and used the same basic reasoning when adding on. I have 2 690's each has a fixed base and then I got the plunge and D-handle as seperate pieces. Could have, might have, hey I did what I thought was right and got some good deals along the way so I don't know how much I really would have saved with kits.....

I think you will really like the D-handle. When I get another router I want to keep one motor with the D-handle all the time. I was watching Norm and decided to give it a try, it was a good choice! BTW Norm has used 2 different D-handle routers and they have made appearances in some 156 shows! Check out:

Anyway I hope you enjoy the new router!

Bob, part of the reason I went with Bosch was the fact that I had an extra motor that was freshly rebuilt. Since I salvaged it when it didnt work out in a replacement scheme I had a total cost of $17 in the motor. It just made good sense to me to get a combo kit and have two complete units. I have to say I have been delighted with my choice, so much so that I still havent mounted my PC 7518.
When you are happy with a product there is no reason to change. I'm glad you have found that comfort zone. Good luck on the new table.
Thanks guys.... it is comforting to know that I did the right thing. There are so many choices it sometimes becomes confusing and one can become frustrated. I know the PC's and the Bosch are great routers also and have read much on both. I don't know how I ended up going the route I did, but I have been happy thus far.

The shop is finally coming together and hopefully soon I can do some real woodworking after I get the router center completed. Of course putting the shop together has been half the fun in itself in many ways. I remember a few months ago when I asked for advice on which tools to purchase, both of you offered a great list of considerations which helped me so much in setting a path that has led me to the point I am at today.

Again.... I am very grateful.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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