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template tom said:
What is the opinion of other router users.

(1) "When routing the edge and of the material with the use of the side fence attachment, Rout on the right hand side and push the router away from you".

I agree that method 1 is best when routing by hand as described.

The bit is rotating CW, therefore route front to back - or push away from you.... when completing a complete 4 sided continoius route - the rear is right to left, the left side is rear to front and the front is left to right to complete the cut.

When table mounted routing, the bit is rotating CCW, the work is pushed into the bit with the fence on the right of the bit - either working from the front or rear of the table and, the bit is on the left.

A good idea to mark the rotation of the bit on the router where it can be easily seen to avoid confusion. If the router tends to 'run away', it's most likely being fed away from the work - aka wrong direction.

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1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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