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Quadra-cut roundover

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(Sorry, I accidentally posted this in sign maker section)

Do Freud quadra-cut blades cut cleaner? I use roundover bits on top and bottom of curved trays that I make. As has been stated many times in this forum, tear out on end grain is difficult to avoid, as the cutter is pulling the the fibers up on part of the curve, instead of compressing the fibers and supporting the fibers being cut as on the other part of the curve.

I understand that making a climb cut on that part would help (and very sharp cutters), but the direction of the blades still means it's trying to seperate the fibers as it cuts. I don't see a way to eliminate this, short of using using a bit that cuts in reverse rotation, and using a router that turns backwards. I don't think bits and routers that reverse rotation being made. ( I do have reverse on my spindle on my home made CNC, but no reverse round over cutters.)

FINALLY to my question. Does the Quadra-cut have skewed cutters that would tend to shear cut more gently? I think that would be an improvement, and leave me with less torn grain to sand. The wood I use tends to be a bit brittle, so some tears can't be sanded out.

Also 4 blades seems great, but looks like the 2nd pair doesn't cut the roundover part. I don't make a deep enough cut on these trays to use the square (?) part.

Thanks for any help.
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I have quite a few Quadra cut bits...
In short, there is nothing like them...
have no fears for they are serious performers...

as for the climb cutting see if this PDF will help...



Thankyou Stick486, I did find that PDF along with several others that you posted while searching to see if my Q had already beeen asked by someone else. Very helpful.

Are you the guy once known as Stick485, & 484what's up?
The quad cut bits have two cutters shearing up and two shearing down. Shear cut is always better but you don't see it on cheap bits because it is harder to sharpen.
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