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I realize that this site has advertizement from Blades and Bits. Being a Canadian, we pay much higher prices fro Lee Valley bits or Freud. So before ordering I'm just enquiring on the quality of these bits compared to Freur or Lee Valley.

I'm just a hobbyist so I dont use them for commercial purposes. I'Ve used Canadian tire bits in the past and they are junk.

So Before ordering I sure would like opinion from menbers.



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Just my 2 cents.

I have seen Freur bits go right down the tubes when they get abused .
So it comes down to how you use your bits ,if they get real hot, that will do it most of the time ,so it always best to make small cuts and sneek up on the last cut.

Most Mfg. have a standard to work with when they make router bits.
Freur is one Mfg. that doesn't make lower grade router bits like others do.
I'm not sure about Lee Valleys ,I have not used or checked out their bits.

But I used Grizzly bits and they sell both types high end and lower end ones.
e.g. C1721z and C1721 (z part numbers) (are high end type, micro grain type)

Sometimes you want the best money can buy; sometimes your project requires you to use the best router bits made.
If so , these router bits fit the bill!

High End ones ▼
Starting with a better quality steel for the bodies (SAE4140), we heat treat them to the appropriate hardness and apply K10 micro grain carbide.
They then precision grind the blades to 800 grit (using the wet grinding process) so that they are razor sharp and then finish them with a baked on metallic paint.
These router bits are made for us and to our exacting specifications in an ISO 9002 rated factory. Try one - And see for yourself!!

Lower end one ▼
Grizzly® cutters feature top-quality carbide - the best available for wood cutting applications.
Shaped and sharpened with diamond wheels as fine as 600 grit, these outstanding router bits are constructed with a high-tensile, silver-based brazing material, which offers the utmost in strength and durability, If you haven't tried these premium bits, we strongly suggest you put them to the test.

Hope this helps
Bj :)

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Quick response -
If you were asking specificaly about the bits at BladesnBits, I've recently purchased a set of 1/2" bits from them and am satisfied up to this point - very similar to the bits you get from Woodline - in fact I'm wondering if they're the same manufacturer? - I too am not a commercial user, but do use my routers quite a lot.
I'd say they're not quite the quality of say MLCS or CMT, but I'm satisfied for my general purposes.
Like BJ says, when it's crucial, spend the bucks for a hi-end bit just for that application - for general purposes, getting a set like from BladesnBits or Woodline is a good way to get a variety of bits that will get minimal or occasional use.

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This has been asked many times and usually the consensus is to go with the chinese bits (woodline,grizzly and most others that seem too cheap). I have read the reasoning behind the statements,but I am of the same opinion as before-You get what you pay for. The bits I have consistantly gotten good results from over many years are made by Whiteside,and they are not made in Asia. Only my personal opions.



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If you are looking for decent quality bits for a fair price check out the Woodcraft bits. They run sales on these bits on a regular basis. You will pay about $5 US per bit. No, not all bits will be on sale; the most commonly used bits in 20 different profiles do go on sale. I just picked up the 10 new profiles. These are value bits and will give good service. If you want to buy the best quality then spend your money on Whiteside. Whiteside bits are American made. (This is the choice of Norm Abrams)
Rockler also runs sales on their own store brand bits. They offer 1/8" shank bits too.
I am pleased with the results from all the above mentioned bits.

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I have been very happy with a set I purchased about a year ago on ebay. There are 50 carbide tipped 1/2 shank bits in an aluminum case for around $40. At under $1 each I know they wont last as long as "good" bits. But the handful that get used repeatedly are being replaced with MLCS bits as they wear out. In the meantime I have a bit for just about any situation.
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