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Quest for the perfect pin router

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I am on a quest to mod a perfect pin router combination. I have a Rockler Basic Router Table, A Porter Cable Router, a Kill Switch, A Pin Arm and so on. What would make this table complete is a Veritas Router Bit Jack. Of which are no longer made and everyone has scarfed up the ones that were left after they stopped making them. NONE can be had. And even if I did find one it probably wouldn't be compatible with my router.


My idea is this. Build one. If you do a google search on Veritas Router Bit Jack you will find a pdf file that shows drawings of it's general make up...

I'd like to mimic that design in that I wish to keep it as low profile and simple as the Veritas Bit Jack.

I have the abilities to design one in AutoCAD and I'm working on the ability to 3D print the parts.

What I don't have is a vast knowledge of how a plunge router works and how I would go about designing what appears to be a needed piston to promote the levered movement.

Any thoughts. Ideas. Brainstorms. Experience. Knowledge or 2 cents would be greatly appreciated.
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Oddly, I have seen what your looking for. Look at the Paget Toupie (French for router) in this design the pin arm is actuated by a foot lever that simply pivots up. below is a sight selling one with some decent pictures to get an idea of what I'm talking about.

www . jac-france . fr / nos-machines-outils / 87-toupie-paget . html (remove the spaces and the link should work)

If you happen to find a good solution.... make two! I'm definitely interested.

Thanks Kcount I'll do some looking into it. and I'll keep you posted.
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