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Question about test cut

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As I mentioned in my intro I bought a PC VS Combo from amazon and ordered the inexpensive 24 bit set from Holbren. When the bits arrived I tried it out. It's been awhile since I used a router, the whitewood scraps I tried it on were short, the clamps were big, but I seem to remember how to set the cut depth (the scaled ring seems useless for that). I tried a couple of 1/4in deep 3/4in dados on the 1x2's using another scrap for a backing board. First try I did not have the clamps tight enough and the boards slipped so I got and angled dado. Second cut went alright but the clamps were too close for comfort (Note to self: if you need to route short pieces, route them first then cut to length).

Now here is my question (thought I would never get to it, heh?), I got whiskering at the top edge of the cut; what causes that? Was the new bit dull? Was I feeding too fast, too slow, or too deep? Was it just a characteristic of the wood? Or something else?
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I'm sure some more experienced folks will chime in but I think it's just a characteristic of soft wood. I get it sometimes too, little fuzzies that are easily knocked off with some sandpaper. At some point try a few test cuts on oak or maple and you'll see no fuzzies.

Also, some bits are better suited for cutting the bottom of the dado while other bits have the cutting edge mostly on the sides.

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