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Question about uneven cut

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Hi guys,

Wonder if someone can advise.

When I cut the bearing (bevelled) edges on the top and bottom of my drum shells on the table, I quite often get an uneven cut and some chipping. I always increase the cut in small increments so the cutter isn't doing too much work. However, I still get this. The internal edge of the shell I always turn clockwise and the external edge is turned anti-clockwise. I don't think I have this the wrong way round as doing the opposite is definitely not a cleaner cut. What could be causing this? I'm obviously doing something wrong somewhere. Any ideas?
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Hi Andy

It just maybe the bit :)

All router bits are not the same and it's true you get what you pay for when you buy router bits,if they would let us play with them b/4 we buy them you and I would see and feel what bits are SHARP and what bits are almost sharp.

If you look a router bit and it has a small back cut on the cutter it's a good chance it's good and sharp, try this pull a router bit from your drawer and take a good look at it most have a carb.tip that is a sq.cut but no back cut on the cutting edge.

When I say back cut, it's like if you would take a round grinding tool and put it on the cutter, just behind the cutting edge.

The mirror test is also a good way to get sharp bits, if you can see yourself in the cutter part it's a good chance the bit is sharp but most of the time you will not. :) but the back cut is a true tip off,the Mfg. took the time to do that one extra step.

I have found one Mfg. that makes great router bits but they are NOT cheap (CMT) all most of the the bits have a back cut on them, other Mfg. do this also but it's hard to tell from a picture. (hands on thing). just type in " bits "

Bj :)
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