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Question for Bob and Rick (or anyone else?)

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A friend of mine is in the process of building a router table, I was trying to explain some of the cool stuff that I saw on your show last week. How can he build the same type "pusher" (for sake of a better word) that you all have, I see it isn't like a T, it doesn't fit down in a slot, but looks as if it "glides" on the table. Where did you all find the neat little clamp type thing that holds the material to the "pusher". Also, I would like to know how to make the "anti-kickback" device that I saw you all using. I'm sorry my terminology is bad, but I am new to wordworking and haven't gotten the lingo yet.

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The router equipment used on the router workshop is from Oak Park. How ever the same type of operation can be made up by using 1/4" phenolic over the router bit,
by drilling a hole in it and elongating it A second peice of phenolic can be used to make the "push guide"
by mounting a block on the edge at 90 degrees to the router bit. Then mount a hold down clamp onto the block to clamp your wood to the phenolic plate. the plate with the elongated hole can the be adjusted and clamped to the router table to position it to the router bit you may be using.
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