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Question on CAD CAM workflow.

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New to the group and new to CNC after purchasing a unit from a friend. The unit is a high end kit built running on Mach3. I am trying to figure out a workflow without buying a lot of software for now. My first project is cutting out grease channel on 50 cutting boards and then adding a logo that is an eps format from Adobe illustrator. I can bring in the eps file (a vector image) into an evaluation copy of V carve pro and model everything fine. Since my unit is running Mach3 I can load it as a post processor to generate G code but the evaluation copy want let me.
I tried Sketchup with with a dxf export process but I have to down grade the image to a Rastor file to get that to work. If I can get that to work I could import the dxf file into CamBam Eval copy to try and generate the Gcode. I also have Alibre Atom but I can't see much hope in bringing in the vector file.
Any ideas on another process to get me going until I make a decision on buying the right app? I am leaning towards Vcarve pro which seems to be able to do most of what I need even though i don't need a combo tool(CAD/CAM).

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Welcome to the forum! You can get Carveco Maker or Maker Plus for a monthly subscription. These are basically the same as the Vectric products and you'll be able to do your CAD/CAM work and generate G-code for your machine. You can decide later if you want to shell out for buying software. There are a couple of good Carveco groups on FB with guys quick to answer questions and help with issues.

You can try the hobby version of Fusion 360 for free, btw. It's an entirely different program and a lot more power and features than either the Vectric or Carveco products, especially in the CAM section. But if you're planning on doing a lot of signs and text or 2.5D work then Fusion 360 isn't the best for that. I use F360 for my engineering type of flat work and Carveco for text, signs, plaques, etc.
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Welcome to the forum.
Welcome to the forum..
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