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Question: Sub Base Plate and guide bushings

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Question 1... I have a craftsmen and want to set it up for cutting tendions, I have watched the TV show and want that type sub base plate with the bearings, nothing in Home Depot or Lowes. I don't see sub base plates at
Question 2... I ave the guide bushings for 1/4 inch, but have failed to find in stores or on the net, they must make them.
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What size base plate do you want? The 7 inch or 11 inch? Those are the ones Oak Park have.
Whats the difference between a base plate and a sub base plate?
After reading question 2, I find that I wanted to ask about 1/2 guide bushings. Where can I find then?
forget question 2.... I just can"t use the all of the bushings in the set. Slap my head with the right hand. The matter is, I will just make a sub base plate.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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