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I am making a router table similar to the one in the Dec 2005 WoodWorker's Journal labeled 'The Ultimate Router Table'.
I changed a few things (all in the under cabinet storage area) to something I think will work better for me.
I drew it up in SolidWorks to see how it went together and so far it looks good.
Now what I'm wondering about is laminating the table itself.
It seems that even basic laminate where I live has to be ordered in and to me is quite pricey. But I came across a damaged piece a person had that looks like there is enough there for the fence and the top of the table, and possibly some but not all of the underneath.
I glued up 2 pieces of a brazilian hardwood 3/4" plywood panel that actual has a nice front and back coat to it and was wondering why do I have to laminate the underneath?
It's supported by the cabinet, it's a 1-1/2 thick, and made out of a decent looking hardwood/plywood.
Is there a reason I should try to get the underneath laminated?
In my mind I can't see it sagging or falling apart, and if I have enough laminate left over I could partially cover it and if that will work what areas would I concentrate on?
I just can't see spending about $80 plus dollars to order another sheet just to laminate it for looks.
Am I missing something?
Thanks for any input anybody can give, so I can at least make an informed decsion........Eric

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Thanks Guys,
We came back yesterday from the city and I saw a small shop I hadn't known was there before so I'm going to stop in and check with them about extra laminate pieces.
Yes, I received the plans and that is what I am going by.
The wood I am using is a ply-wood style laminate but the guy at the lumberstore said it was made out of a Brazillian hardwood (thats how I understood it), the side view is definately a ply-wood style and the exterior sides sure look like a birch-style ply-wood panel except its coloration is quite simiular to what red oak looks like (just not the grain pattern.
Wednesday is our 3rd year anniversary and I will try to remember to stop at the store where I picked up the wood and double check with the salesman just to see if I can get a better description/name for you guys sometime tomorrow.
Thanks So Far...Eric
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