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Quick post to say Hello.

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I have just joined your forum from here in UK hoping for some help and possibly helping others.
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Howdy. if you go to "account settings" you can edit your profile, put your first name and where you are, it can sometimes help us to help you.

I'm a UK ex-pat, youll find people from most of the world here, and most of them are friendly (lol)
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Welcome to the forum Dave :)
Welcome Dave.
Glad you decided to join the fun. We seem to be attracting a number of new members from the UK recently. We love to answer questions and offer support, and it is really helpful to know what tools you have, including model numbers (which are different in different countries). We often look at the tool list as part of providing a solid answer.
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Welcome to the forum Dave.
Welcome Dave and take a seat at the table. As said we are generally a friendly and have some highly skilled members that are eager to help and assist. The more the merrier. Ask away...
Welcome aboard to our corner of the universe where knowledge nd good fun abound.
Welcome to the forum. Lots of great folks. Have fishing friend who is from GB, midlands if I recall, and is teaching me to speak "propah" English.
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Thank you all for the warm welcome.

I hope that apart from asking for assistance I am able to return the favour occasionally.

You mean you are goin' to talk propa english like wot I does?

You don't want to take any notice of those people from up there in the Midlands. They talk funny!! Ha! Ha! Ha!
Off topic, sebmoc, but a graduate student from Australia said the the US and Aussies were two different cultures separated by a common language. Again, welcome to the forum.
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