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reds_21 said:
ok, new topic!!!!

i am attempting a project that requires a rabbet joint at the ends. now i have purchased the router bit from rockler and now have questions on how to apply the rabbet cut.

is it easier to do this cut on a mat or easier using a router table since the bit cutter is on the side compared to the cutters being at the bottom of the bit like a straight bit.

again, in desperate need of help!!!

If you have the router table I would use that. If you can, using a fence is a good idea...

I never trusted those mats but I know some people use them..... One issue if you do use the mat make sure that the bearing (or screw holding the bearing) of the bit is not so low as to hits the mat or what is under the work piece.

1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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