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First, I did download the instructions from MLCS and found my rail and stile, ogee. I am about to pull what little hair I have left out. I am not sure which bit to move. Holding rail in right hand and stile in left, here is what I have.
Stile has what I will refer to as male ogee. It is thicker top to bottom and will not fit in the female ogee on rail end. Rail end seems to be about 1/8 inch lower than top of stile and of course this makes it about the same below the bottom of the stile. I am guessing that the smaller female oggee on rail end had to be the right size. Do I need to adjust the stile bit. Hope this makes sense to someone or you can point me in the right direction. Will keep patterns when I get it right. :(
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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