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I have been woodworking for a while now but have never used raised panel construction.

This week I picked up a set of raised panel bits. Very basic 3 bit set to get started. Where can I find good directions on how to set up the first time and make set up stock for the next time?



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Hi Deck

The one I recommend is the one from Sommerfeld tools.
Cabinetmaking Made Easy DVD
Plus ▼
Arched Raised Panels Made Easy
From the
Marc Sommerfeld's Made Easy Video Collection

You can get a copy for FREE (VHS) when you buy items on the Net or you can order a DVD copy. at 10.00 ea.

Also the one below, that you can view on the Net
Besure to download the Trial Ver. of
Software For the Woodworkers ( 10.5mb if I recall) (doors5.exe)
It will help you cut the parts for the panel doors.

Hope this helps a bit

Bj :)
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