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Raised Panel Cutting Speed

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I recently obtained a raised panel cutting set and set up the 1 1/2 inch panel cutter in my Milwaukee 1 3/4 hp router on a table. The speed seems too fast and cutting action a little too excessive to be relaxed with. Am I doing something dangerous.
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Robert, any router bit spinning at 30K RPM is dangerous, but with due care and caution you should be fine. Use a safety guard over your bit, wear eye protection, and dont take off more than 1/4" in a pass. Make multiple passes to get to your finish depth. If you start cutting on the end grain and work your way around you should also reduce tear out.
Most raised panel bits should be run at about 12K rpm. The bit manufactuer shold have the running speed listed. Reduce the rpms of the router.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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