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Hi Paul

Yes, But the panel must be painted when you use MDF but what looks best if you want to use MDF for doors is the one below.

Classical Plunge Pattern Bit, 1/2" Shank

Create a raised panel look on a solid door.
2 flute carbide tipped with totally enclosed ball bearing guides.
Will plunge cut and the top mounted bearing will follow your template or straight edge guide.
These bits can also be used as a groove forming plunge bit to add a decorative groove and edge or create beautiful moldings in multiple passes.

Just a NOTE**** if you use the Plunge Pattern Bit it's best to use TWO templates one for the inside and one for the outside of the pattern, in this way you will not make any firewood, The bearing on the bit will track true to the template and keep you in the slot so to speak :)
Once you make the templates on the scroll saw the doors will go quick, use 4ea. spacer blocks to set them up ,the same size as the bearing on the bit.
Some double sided carpet tape works best for this job,that way you don't need to move the clamps around to let the router do it's work.
1/4" brich plywood works great for this job or you can use 1/4" hardboard ,it's a bit easyer to find ,besure to mark the templates "this side up" it will save you some time, also besure to make the out side one a be wider than it needs to be this will help support the router and you can screw it to blocks on the botton side of the jig/templete to fit the door size this will speed up your setup time, if most of your doors are the same size.

Hope this helps a bit.

see what they look like at the link below

And use the pocket type hinges (Euro-Style)

Bj :)

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Paul, the cutters for createing the appearance of a raised panel door in MDF are also available from Whiteside, the manufacturer of the finest quality bits. You might check pricing on them from local sources or online. You can often find great deals on these cutters. They have thicker carbide so they last longer, can be sharpened more often.
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