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Raised panel doors

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Ok, well some of you showed a lot of knowledge and interest when I was asking about an external speed controller, lets see how you do on panels LOL

I made my first raised panel door last night. I made the rails and stiles from poplar. The raised panels are 3/4" MDF. I routed the panel down until it fit in the groove.

Here is the question, how tight or loose should the panel be between the rails and stiles?

As it sits right now, the panel just fits in the groove. I've read a lot of articles that state not to glue the panel in as it's suppose to "float" between the rails and stiles for expansion and contraction from weather. I don't see how it's suppose to float if I had a hard time pushing it in there in the first place.

Any thoughts?

Thank You
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When I built my raise panel doors, the panels fit tight also even though I had an 1/8 inch gap all around. The bit set I bought came with extra bearings & shims with no instructions. I realized later after making a few doors what the problem was, the raised panel bit bearing is a large one made for the first pass then you were to change to a smaller bearing for the second pass, now they go together a lot easier.
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