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re600 bearing problems

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Hello to the group. I am a long time woodworker and was browsing the internet on info on bearing noise with the re 600 ryobi router and came across this site. I thought I was out of luck in getting replacement bearings for my discontinued router until I read a few posts here.
Is it a simple matter to replace the bearings myself? If so does ryobi supply new bearings or must one go elsewhere to get them? Sources?
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Hi Dick, welcome to our little corner of the 'net.

You could check with Ryobi for the bearing, but chances are you are out of luck with them. You would be better to go to a bearing supply house or an electric motor repair shop. There should be a number on the bearing that will allow them to supply you with the correct replacement. As for removal, some are pressed on which require a bit more force to remove. Not sure which you have, so can't help there.
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