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re600 bearing problems

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Hello to the group. I am a long time woodworker and was browsing the internet on info on bearing noise with the re 600 ryobi router and came across this site. I thought I was out of luck in getting replacement bearings for my discontinued router until I read a few posts here.
Is it a simple matter to replace the bearings myself? If so does ryobi supply new bearings or must one go elsewhere to get them? Sources?
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+1 on the bearing supply store. I went to my store for bearings for my 15 yr old 14" Delta bandsaw and they gave me three models to choose from!

I also have an RE600 (one of eight routers total) and really like how it feels in my hands, so use it quite a bit for larger handheld cuts. I'm not generally a big Ryobi fan but that router is at *least* 18 years old and works like a champ. Ryobi's had a few pretty nice products. I started out with one of their BT3000 table saws and, even though I now have a Unisaw, if I had (when I get <g>) room I'll look to add one as a second TS to my shop.
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