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Reciprocating Saws

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I need to get a reciprocating saw to do some home remodeling. Would any one here care to recommend one or vice versa warn me to stay away from a particular model. I don't see myself using this a lot so I don't want to throw a lot of money at one.

Thanks so much for taking time and being candid.
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Pending on how much remodeling you intend on doing, cordless is the way to go. As for brands, I own a Milwaukee and a Makita (cordless), I prefer using the cordless simply for the fact you dont' have to contend with a power cord. There are many others out there, I can't really say which is better. I also recommend that you get what is called demolition blades. These will outlast the reg. blades they sell.
You'll also find that even if you don't intend on using one very much... you'll use it more than you know. :D ;)
If you don't wish to own one, consider just renting.

Just my $0.02 worth.

I agree with Hamlin, however, like yourself, I did not want to invest a lot in one of these seldom used items around my shop so I bought the Ryobi corded model from HD about 4 years ago and have been very satisfied with it. Plenty of power and has held up well during the times I needed it.
When shopping for this type of saw power is key to good performance. If you are going to make heavy cuts then a corded model makes more sense. All of these saws look alike. The amperage rating of the motor will tell you which is for home use and which is industrial quality. I own a PC TigerSaw and have been very happy with it. The Tiger Claw is unique with its head swiveling ability. Keyless blade change is a good feature to get. As long as you stick with a brand name you trust you will be happy with your new saw, they all perform pretty much the same. The blades will make a difference. Be sure you get the correct blades for what you will be cutting.
Mike mentioned some important facts that I forgot too. Make sure you get the correct blades for your saw, and yes, check the amperage size. Like Mike said, the amps., will tell you which is for which, reg. home use or industrial use. What you really have to decide is, how much do you intend on using it and for what type of work. (Heavy usage or lite usage).
I should also note... if price is an issue. Many people naturally never think of a "pawn shop". You will be surprised what kind of bargains you can get even with top brand names. However, this option is more of a "Buyer beware" type of thing.
Thx to one and all for your input. I wasn't aware about the difference in blades so I keep an eye out after I select a saw.

Ken, thx for the suggestion of the pawn shop. I'll give that a go.
just got the new makita ,not what you were looking for but got to say this thing rocks .15amps ,cuts with dull blades .
in the 100$ range when looking for a friend we found the ridged had the most stroke and amps. corded tools last forever ,do not have dead batteries or need new batteries every few years .though cordless is handy .
corded tools last forever ,do not have dead batteries or need new batteries every few years .though cordless is handy .
This is true, however, if you are working in hard to reach area's, overhead, and sometimes, standing on your head... you'll find that having a cordless is the way to go here. No cord to get in the way. Again, I have both, a cordless and one with a cord. Pending on the job/task at hand, that makes my decision on which one I'll use. Batteries are cheap when compared to accidently cutting thru your cord, with possible injuries.

If you're doing heavy demo., then you'll need a more amp'ed saw. If you're only doing minor demo/cutting, then a lighter weight saw will work just fine. Just a small note *** it's still a person's preference to which they like and use the best.*** :D
I have a Dewalt corded and cordless reciprocting saws and i would take cordless over corded anytime. they have just as much power and will go anywhere. quick change for the blades is also a great feature. :D
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