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Recommendations for a CNC

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I am looking for a CNC machine to be able to route logo’s, designs and lettering into hardwoods. I am looking for something that can handle at least a 12 x 24 piece. something with good software for loading images and intuitive on its help functions. I am a home hobbyist that sells on etsy, etc..

price is flexible but prefer to be around 5 to 7k.

thank you for any assistance.

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Hello and welcome to the router forum.
Welcome to the forum, Larry! Are you looking for a complete CNC package or willing to do a little assembly yourself? How much space do you have for a CNC (i.e. can you fit a larger machine than 12x24)? What are your expectations for accuracy and repeatability? Will you do one sign at a time or do small runs of several each time you run a job? What power do you have available?

You mention software; are you referring to the controller software for the machine or the design software (CAD/CAM)? Are you planning on doing 3D (actually it's 2.5D, usually) work or just engraving signs and logos?


PS - what's your Etsy shop name?
Welcome to the forum Larry.
I'd look at an AVID Pro series 4x2 machine. With their electronics kit, and spindle, it should be right around $6K-$7K.

Most machine don't come with software. Those that do, usually come with Vectric V Carve Pro. Hands down the most popular software out there.

It's not quite as simple as loading an image and the software does all the work.
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new machines are great, in many ways. you may also consider a used machine. CNC's are unique in that many are purchased, and the owner never quite embraces the learning curve. then, paint cans are stored on them for a year or two until they decide to sell it. typical discounts are in the 20-40% off new price on a machine with very little hours. just a thought....
... then, paint cans are stored on them for a year or two until they decide to sell it.
Meanwhile they could've used it for mixing. 🤓
Meanwhile they could've used it for mixing. 🤓
Wow, I should really stop using mine for a workbench, it's starting to look like one! :)
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