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Record 52 1/2 ED spring install

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I picked up a used Record vise and disassembled it to clean out years of hardened grease and sawdust. Now I can't get enough preload on the clutch spring to reliably engage the half nut. I've heard it's a difficult process but no one explains how to do it. Right now it's difficult to use and wouldn't think of trying to hold a piece to route.
Any help??
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I can remember how difficult that was. I ended up making a kind of lasso out of rope and putting it around the vice, then pulling it gradually tighter while starting the threads into the nut. There was no one around to help, so I used a clamp attached to the bench to tie the rope to and hold the rope tight between tightening adjustments, which required several tries before success. It ain't easy!!!

Check this video on youtube. Not that detailed but there is some info especially in the comments particularly the replies to comments by viewer 6818015.
Thanks for the help. I think I have it figured out. You set the initial preload before sliding the catch end of the spring into the housing.🤞
Now that I had a little time I downloaded the video and by slowing it down I found the secret!! Once I found this it only took me less than 5 minutes to get it correctly preloaded.
Thanks again for the help
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