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I appreciate the suggestion. I've tried looking up the motor info without success. I'm sure others have the exact unit, just haven't offered to help.
Another poster directed me to a video which may prove valuable. I was hoping to hook it up to 220 but can't be choosy at this point.
Sorry to hear of your plight.

It would seem that the motor doesn't come with any internal diagram, which they usually do.

I see the video guy has set his up for 120v. That's not something I would do.

I'm sure you know about the black and red being the two incoming voltages at 120 each side and the white is the common return, green for ground.

Now, I don't have this shaper, but I'm willing to take a look at how mine is wired - which is for 220v - and let you know which wires go where.

Cannot do it today as I'm off to Kamloops a little later. But if you think it will be helpful, I'll check as soon as I can, likely tomorrow.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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