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Reluctant woodworker

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Hi folks!

My real hobby is old cameras, which turns out to be wood cameras in the end. I often find I need to make this or that and a router and a router table are most likely the cheapest, smallest and most efficient method of making wood camera parts.

I even want to make a large wood camera and there are several parts that must be machine accurate.

I was given an old Sears Craftsman Model 315 with a couple bits. I have never used a router, but I am handy with tools and even built a wood stringer and skin boat with a table saw and glue.

My camera insanity has me searching for ways to make two simple box bellows frames, 18" square with half lab joints. I actually can't decide whether to simplly do it with hobby shop wood and a chisel,:) as I need it now! If I already had a router table setup, I would use that.

So I will be here reading this great knowledge base.

Thanks for all this!
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"So I will be here reading this great knowledge base."
At times, the routing community, in my view, shoots way beyond the apps that routers were made for.
Dovetailing with skinny bits, planing burls & work bench tops, drilling holes, making dowels, bowls, timber framing etc.
But for the view camera, in my view, the router is as good as it gets.
Shallow cuts, precision chops, flat bottom cuts, trim and joinery.
A good choice. Router Woodworking.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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