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Reluctant woodworker

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Hi folks!

My real hobby is old cameras, which turns out to be wood cameras in the end. I often find I need to make this or that and a router and a router table are most likely the cheapest, smallest and most efficient method of making wood camera parts.

I even want to make a large wood camera and there are several parts that must be machine accurate.

I was given an old Sears Craftsman Model 315 with a couple bits. I have never used a router, but I am handy with tools and even built a wood stringer and skin boat with a table saw and glue.

My camera insanity has me searching for ways to make two simple box bellows frames, 18" square with half lab joints. I actually can't decide whether to simplly do it with hobby shop wood and a chisel,:) as I need it now! If I already had a router table setup, I would use that.

So I will be here reading this great knowledge base.

Thanks for all this!
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Not exactly a high end set up, but this router/table combo could possibly be your answer. I had one a couple of years ago and it worked OK. The router is a plunge base type but it is dedicated to the in hard wired to the on-off switch.

It is on sale and you might be able to get it for less. The current issue of Wood Magazine has a 25% discount coupon in the HF ad.

I mounted mine on a piece of plywood so I could clamp it to a table or saw horses or whenever I needed to work. The fence isn't the greatest but a simple straight edge would be helpful. The miter gauge might be helpful to make the half lap joints. The miter slot is standard 3/4 inch wide. I used the miter gauge from my old craftsman table saw.

Hope this helps.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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