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Repairing a Saw Handle

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Hello folks, I have a Disston Victory saw which has a broken horn. I have purchase some mahogany to make repairs, but I would like some ideas as to have to about it. There is also a crack just above the horn. It does not go all the way across the handle. I was wondering if I force some glue in it, if would show up when I put a finish on it. As always your vast knowledge is greatly appreciated.


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use the old one as a template and make a new one...
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I've used compressed air to drive glue into small cracks like that. If you don't want it affecting the finish you'll have to sand down through it.
I think it's reached the end of it usable life. I'd use it as a template for a new one, stick nailed it.
Thank you everyone. I was trying to leave the saw with all its original parts. Yes the repair will not be original but most of the saw will be. Thank you
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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