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welcome to the group.
you should be able to drop a the photo in the reply box.

also, need give a little more info like wood door , water damage, or got hit.

I worked on a 10ft wide door a few years back that was old and the glue joints failed. it was the one with the windows.
we reglued and add a metal supports. also used them to help with the glue process.
Rectangle Wood Composite material Aluminium Metal

from the outside it looked like no change.
we used two since the door opener pulled on the door. it was the cause of the failure. also set up the door springs to lift all the weight up.
added three new hinges.
Metal Titanium Auto part Composite material Plastic

i need take pictures of these projects. I can not remember to do so.

there is no real money helping friends. I will stick to my real job.

good luck
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
Not open for further replies.