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Hello All,

First post - was really hoping to find something in the searches, but very possible I'm just not familiar enough with terminology.

Long story short - top edge of the top panel of my garage door broke. Seems no one is willing to touch it for under $500, so I'm taking a crack at it. The top panel held panes of glass, and the joining method appears to be rail and stile.

I've taken some pictures, and also cut one of the broken stiles (I believe?) to create a profile. The remaining panels on the garage door have just that - a panel instead of glass. I've seen some of the 3-piece rail/stile/panel kits - those would be great, assuming I can match the profile for the rails and stiles. Also... If I'm getting terminology incorrect - I apologize, this is a new type of project for me.

Here is what each end looks like. I cut the one end to get a profile which is here, and then I traced / measured it here.

On the sketch, the dotted lines represent a trim piece and is installed using narrow crown staples. I am guessing that they used a router bit, and then ran the piece along a table saw to rip the trim piece. Makes sense to me, as it would allow them to put in the glass, and then staple the pieces back on.

SOOO... that is a lot of info, I apologize. But, I'm hopeful someone might have some thoughts on how to match it? I'd have garage door repair oakville from Fix Garage Doors CA, they've repaired the broken rail and frame inside the panel joint for me cheap.

I think you need to pick up components to repair the rails and frame profile. If you replace the panel and install a panel of a different material instead of glass, it will be easier to repair. But... Someone says it's basically not repairable, but I insisted. And the warranty was given for several years.
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