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Repurposed a chair!

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It was time to replace a chair that the dogs had 'modified', the day after I had a near miss in my shop.

The drum sander stand collapsed, causing the end bell to hit the block wall. The end bell was dented, and the fan was a little twisted.

A little body and fender work and the sander looks to be OK, but I definitely needed to make a more robust stand. The sander weighs a ton... and needs a beefy stand.

As I was looking to see what wood I could scavenge from the chair, I saw that the stand could be the chair. I cut the feet off of the bottom of the chair, so that it was a flush square, but I left the ledge on the back of the chair because of the number of staples is it. I had a few pieces of 2x decking material that would work for the bottom shelf, and a HF furniture dolly that is almost exactly the same size as the chair. A ton of pocket holes and a handful of coated decking screws and it was done.

It ain't pretty, but it is built like a tank. It held me and the sander without even noticing. As a bonus, the air compressor fits underneath, so I save floor space. I can mount a hook on the side to hold the air hose as well.

The stand is temporarily mounted to a HF furniture dolly, which works great. I will probably try to find a locking caster set, but for now it does just fine. I have to get some longer carriage bolts to anchor the sander down, but I think it's going to be a keeper.

Saved another piece from the burn pile, saved a few bucks on building a new stand.


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Great outcome and repurposing Doug ;) I like how the compressor fits pretty much perfect
Great outcome and repurposing Doug ;) I like how the compressor fits pretty much perfect
Thanks Rick!

There is about 7 inches above the heads of the compressor, and open on both sides, so lots of airflow around it. It fits in if you put it in on a slight angle. Most importantly, it solves the only problem with the compressor, the handle is too low to the ground.
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Great idea ,Doug, I would give you like ,but my like button is not working along with other features. Glad your sander wasn't damaged. I don't know what I would do if I ever lost my drum sander. That compressor will give you some added ballast too.


Had to go to "Advanced" to get this to post.
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Nice one Doug.
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Doug that don't look like a chair now. I sure don't think it will collapse now. What kind of drum sander do you have?
That is a Ryobi drum sander, long out of production. I picked it up used, had to do some work to the feed mechanism. Even with the headaches, it is a definite time saver!

Ryobi customer service still does a good job, they were very helpful.
Excellent repurposing, Doug! And really good that you could fit the compressor in, as well.

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